style: diy jean shorts for summer.

alternate title: i’m too cheap to buy maternity jean shorts so i made my own.

so according to almost everyone i talk to, it’s going to be hot as hell this summer. more so for me because i’m super pregnant (surprise! did you guys know that? have i ever talked about that here?). and so i’m going to need to wear shorts at some point in the next three months. problem is, i’m also a cheap-ass, and the idea of buying maternity shorts that cost more than $12 makes me cringey.

so when i was given a pair of maternity jeans that were way too short (and frankly, not in a cut that would be flattering for most pregnant people), i decided to get all crafty and make my own cuffed jean shorts. and then i decided to share the process with you! so far, i haven’t distressed them any further than you see in these photos, but that option is always open to me, so we’ll see what i decide.

and away we go!


step one: pick your jeans. i suggest using a very old pair, or a very cheap pair. don’t take a scissors to jeans you’re going to regret messing up. as i mentioned above, mine were given to me for free.

step two: put on your jeans and decide where you want them to hit on your legs as shorts. mark this spot with chalk or a fabric pencil.

step three: take off your jeans and lay them flat on your work surface. if you’re doing cuffed shorts, measure about two inches below where you marked your original endpoint, to give yourself some wiggle room when you cut.

step four: start to cut! i like my jean shorts to be slightly longer on the inner inseam than the outer inseam, so it’s essentially cut a bit at a downward angle. it helps to cut the top layer of the jeans first, so that you can see the line you’re cutting, and then cut the back layer after so you can match it up perfectly.

step five: once you’re done cutting the first leg, make sure the angle of the leg looks like you want, make sure the top and back layers match up, and you’re happy with the outcome. fold over the cut leg onto the intact leg, and either draw your cut line on the leg, or just go to town with your scissors, whatever makes you comfortable.

step six: compare both cut legs to make sure they match. putting the jeans on at this point can really help ensure that the cuts are the same height on your body. make any adjustments you need to make.

step seven: once you’re comfortable with length and cut, make your cuff. you can see from my shorts that i made my cuff longer on the outer leg, and much shorter on the inner leg. personal preference, you can cuff or not cuff however you’d like. if you decide not to cuff, you’re done! if you do, just a couple steps left!

step eight: once the cuff makes you happy, iron it down to hold it in place. this will allow the cuff to stay in place, even when you wash it. now you can either be done, or you can do the optional step nine of sewing the cuff in place.

step nine (optional): using thread that matches the color of the inside of your jeans, sew a zig-zag pattern around the cuff of your shorts. for the stitch on the visible part, make it short, about a millimeter or so long. for the stitch on the inner part, make the stitch about 1/2-1 inch long (this will help the sewing go a lot faster). i’m TERRIBLE at sewing, more specifically starting and ending the stitches, and even this was incredibly easy for me to do, so have faith.

a couple notes: now don’t get me wrong, i love me a good pair of “jorts”, frayed hem and all, but the cuff just makes it a little less redneck and a little more polished for me. so that’s the direction i went. it’s maybe a tiny bit more work, but we’re talking five extra minutes, nothing more. and really, the last step of sewing the cuff down is entirely optional.

these steps can obviously be used on any jeans, not just maternity jeans, but that’s what i was working with at the time.

if any of you decide to DIY your own cuffed shorts, let me know in the comments below! or if you’ve done it before, and have any tips on how to make it easier, or how to distress them even more, share those too!

[i got my inspiration to make these from here, but adjusted the shape of the cuff to something a bit more my style (less straight across). considering it’s been in the 80s here the last few days, praise the Lord, i have a feeling these are going to get a lot of use over the next 10 weeks.]

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these days.

this week was simultaneously the fastest and the slowest week i’ve had in a LONG time. i’m pretty sure i woke up thinking it was friday at least three mornings out of the last five. so now that it’s here, i couldn’t be happier! we’ve got a fun weekend planned, with a wedding and a workshop and my baby sister is in town from school. so if the next 8 hours could go really fast, that’d be great. please and thank you!

this week, i want to introduce you to another one of my sponsors.


stacie from happiness in bloom is just a darling person. she is so genuine and friendly and sweet, that you can’t help but want to read about her life with her sweet little dog and her guy down in florida. i personally am jealous of the fact that she lives in such a gorgeous place where it’s warm ALL THE TIME, but i don’t hold that against her at all. i’ve also been fangirling all over her little home with the front porch of my dreams…her blog’s got a little bit of everything, and i bet you’ll find something to fangirl over too.

Hey y’all! My name is Stacie and I blog over at Happiness In Bloom! In a nutshell my blog revolves around finding happiness and beauty in every day life. If you love laughing, a little sarcasm, and a positive perspective, come on over and hang out with me! I love meeting new people and can’t wait to meet you!

you can find stacie at her blog, happiness in bloom, and also on twitterbloglovin’, and instagram. head over to get a little dose of positivity and sunshine (and tell her that erin sent you).


these days i’m…

eating oatmeal, oatmeal and more oatmeal. prepared for me by my husband every morning this week, because i haven’t been getting my butt out of bed early enough to make my own damn breakfast. and i’ve decided that oatmeal tastes better when someone else makes it for you.

making my first project from darby smart. this company is brilliant. you can order boxes full of everything you need for some incredible craft projects. you can order one project just for yourself if you’re feeling like you need some creative jumpstarting, or (and this is my favorite thing) you can order “girls night” boxes that have enough for you and some friends as a fun thing to do while drinking your wine at girls night. i’m participating in the “polish challenge” they’re throwing this month and just got my box…now i’m trying to get my creative juices flowing to see how i can create something cute and crafty with the supplies and julep nail polish they sent!

wearing tights and booties! because it’s sweater season, yes, but tights are the sweaters of our legs, and so it’s tight leg sweater season too! i’ve been put on a boot-buying hiatus (an unwilling one!) by my husband, because of our lack of closet space, but i might need ONE MORE pair of booties in taupe. because look at them! (i’m thinking something similar to the ones chelsea is wearing here…)

(dress: CAbi, booties: target via hanna)

drinking wine with some bloggers. if you missed the blitz on social media about #happyhourhangout the last two days, 1) you’re following the wrong people, and 2) read here for more info.

planning how i’m going to survive my sugar detox that starts next week. i’m going to the moon river wellness “replenish, relax and renew: 7-day mind, body and spirit detox” kickoff tomorrow morning, and then starting my detox on monday. not going to lie, i’m pretty nervous. i’ve already kicked caffeine, and i eat pretty healthy anyway, but there is something about the idea of giving up sugar entirely that gives me shivers. updates will be given if i survive.

listening to Mister Man’s wise words during a “this is our life” conversation yesterday. you know how sometimes us ladies just want the guys to shake their heads yes, and tell us they understand how we’re feeling, but not give us any advice? yea, i’m like that too a lot of the time. (“just support me!”) but there are times when he knows (and He knows) just when i need to be given some actual words of wisdom to make me feel better. so i’m listening.

working on the house, surprise surprise. take a look at my hot demolition man. he cleaned out the 85 year old garage and now you could eat off the floor (if you were into that sort of thing). i made him take the necessary safety precautions, and now i have this amazing photo. pretty happy that i have him to do the (literal) dirty work for me!

loving that i get to have a little lunch date with mama hools today! i haven’t had a chance to sit down and talk to just her in weeks, and i’m so excited to get away from my desk for a little break as well.

not loving: not applicable this week. i feel super content and i like that.


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humpday happy list.

because we need a little happy in our month, especially right now. in addition to everything else, as a really good start to my workweek today, i made it halfway through my bus ride to work before realizing that i left my laptop at home. my superhero husband picked me up on the side of the road with it and drove me to work. so i owe him huge, because it was COLD this morning! love you my dearest…

i’m clearly craving colorful and fresh and fruity things right now. i mean, look at those photos. someone is clearly going through withdrawals from the best things in life. i was talking to a friend who came to my grandma’s wake, and we both realized that we’ve been buying really bright flowers for our apartments in the past couple weeks, which we don’t normally do, just because it’s been so miserable here and we need all the color we can get.


1) humpday want: gap camo pants.

i can’t explain to you all how much i wanted these pants. they were in my shopping cart in the morning. i was ready to purchase them that same evening. and i got home and they were SOLD OUT. and they just went away completely. i’ve even tweeted at gap to beg them to bring back these gorgeous things, and i don’t think i have enough pull to make them happen. any other huge bloggers out there want to give it a try?

2) humpday want #2: striped maxi.

hi, my name is erin and i have a maxi skirt problem. i can’t help it! they just make me look really long and slender and at 5’3″ i will take that wherever i can. and these look so comfortable, like you would be walking around looking all cute but feeling like you’re in your pjs. and stripes!

3) humpday craving: bruschetta.

my mother-in-law made some amazing bruschetta the other day, and it tasted like summer. something about tomatoes and olive oil, you know? this recipe is from the pioneer woman, and she can do no wrong in my world. if i ever meet her, i will lose my ability to speak.

4) humpday cocktail: this sangria.

first of all, if you ever want a delicious, albeit time-consuming cocktail recipe, you need to visit “how sweet eats”. she is hysterical for one, and amazing at creating awesome recipes for two. i would venture to say that she is my most pinned blogger that i read. anywho, this pomegranate-vanilla sangria looks so mouth-watering. smooth and fruity at the same time.

5) humpday flowers: ranunculus.

i had ranunculus for our wedding flowers, in the bouquets and the boutinierres. i love the way they look beautiful from right when they start blooming up until they open up all the way. these particular ranunculus are from my lovely cousin who came over to watch pitch perfect with me on the day my grandma died.


6) humpday zen practice: not caring about the snow.

i am being very calm and accepting about this snow. because it will melt. and it will no longer be here. maybe even by next week. deep breath in, deep breath out. all on a count of 10. whoosh.

7) humpday flowers #2: tulips. (can you tell i need some color in my life?)

i mean, tulips look you in the eye and scream “SPRING!” at you at the top of their lungs. and isn’t that really the theme of this entire thing? how could i not include some tulips?

8) humpday travel plans: pittsburgh.

to visit my darling dove in her adopted stomping grounds. i’ve been to pittsburgh twice now, and love it so much more than you could imagine. maybe it’s because she lives there now, and i like it better because she’s made it her home, but i really do think it’s a lovely place! each neighborhood has its own personality, and there are so many gems scattered all throughout. so excited to visit again!

9) humpday DIY: gold-leaf terracotta pots.

let me be clear, i have not done this yet. because i don’t have a patio or a garden, or even a deck. but these would be so cool sitting on the front steps of a little house in the city, wouldn’t they?

10) humpday craving #2: peanut butter bacon pancakes.

i’ve already informed Mister Man that he needs to put these on the list of pancakes he will make me next. he is the pancake guru of the ‘z’ household and aren’t these just made for a sunny (or snowy) saturday morning, paired with a steaming cup of coffee? joy the baker, your recipes make me so happy. so so happy. will you be my friend?


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humpday happy list.

it’s wednesday!! t-minus 2 days until we are off to paradise! all that stands between us and hawaii are a few (million) emails and some errands that need running. we can do this, i’m sure of it! until then, i’m enjoying being at home in a clean apartment, with lots of leftovers and no real cooking to do.

in other news that you may or may not care about, i’m thinking that i am going to change this little series up a bit. i’ve been thinking lately about why i started it and really the whole point of the humpday happy list, which was really to get all my little inspirations out on “paper” to share with you all and to act as a sort of unpretty pinterest dump. i came to the decision that i’m going to start doing this on more of a monthly basis, with more items in each post. i’ve just found that i’m not necessarily as inspired the same amount from week to week, and i want to keep this fun.

so from now on, there will be more content-heavy posts each week (because boy do i have a lot to say), with a monthly round-up of my humpday inspirations. and it will still be posted on humpday. additionally, if you come visit this little blog of mine via facebook, you may notice that i am only linking my blog there once a week, so as not to overwhelm you. if you would like to see posts as they go up, remember to add hooleywithaz to your reader or click the follow button over there to your right.

humpday happy list


1) flavored syrups.

i’m so intrigued with the idea of how versatile an ingredient flavored simple syrups are. they are so much healthier for you than any pre-made flavoring (even though they still have sugar like whoa), and you can really customize them to whatever you want. i’ve been seeing flavored sodas made with these syrups and soda water pop up around a lot of food blogs lately, and i can definitely get behind that trend! i think a lemon-mint syrup would be so good, and if you added some soda and gin? yes. i’m thinking i may have a cocktail recipe for you all soon…


2) my little paper garland.

okay, so lame, i just talked about this FOREVER last week, but i’m telling you, every time i walk into our apartment, or look at my little garland on our hutch, i get so happy. i think it’s the glitter, or maybe the green, but anything brightly colored these days is keeping me alive. with all the snow we have gotten over the past week (it’s march!), color just reminds me of spring and warm weather. and now that i think about it, that is a good explanation of all the crazy online window shopping i’ve been doing lately…i almost bought floral pants the other day!


3) toast with olive oil, tomato and prosciutto.

this is one of the most decadent breakfasts ever. this is what we ate in spain if a friend was visiting us and we had to eat breakfast out, because friends weren’t allowed in our host family’s houses. it’s literally just toast (preferably on a thick bread), rubbed with the innards of a tomato, drizzled with olive oil, and topped with iberico ham (or prosciutto in my case because i am not made of money guys). but it tastes like the south of spain, and is so satisfying. plus it keeps you full forever!


4) wedges.

i am in love with these shoes. they are about five inches tall, which makes me as tall as my husband when i wear them, which is hilarious. being semi-tall when you are normally 5’3″ is such a novelty, i just love it. i never get to wear them because i live in the tundra and i just can’t get behind the tights with open-toed shoes thing. so anytime i have a chance, these things get to see the light of day. they look awesome with maxi skirts too, which is great, because i’ve really been on a kick with those lately.


5) these amazing cupcakes.

my lovely blog friend trisha happens to have a gift when it comes to inventing cupcakes and making them look absolutely delicious. she made these “ultimate st. patrick’s day cupcakes” over the weekend, and i’ve been cursing the fact that i gave up chocolate for lent! these are on my list of foods to eat when easter is over! guinness chocolate cake, bailey’s cream filling, mint oreo frosting. WHAT!?


plus: i’m a day late, but not a dollar short….and i will be jamming to jt’s new cd tonight all over the apartment. Mister Man is gone and all bets are off for how crazy it’s going to get up in here. i have some leftover boxed wine so…there we are. i’m so excited!


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i need some springtime.

okay, it snowed here this week. twice. so even though spring is 5 days away, it’s not feeling very springy around here. which is why i decided to spruce up our apartment with a cheery little paper circle garland (guirnalda de papel por mi ceci en uruguay!).

garland 1

garland 4

one of my guilty pleasures is going to paper or craft stores and picking up pretty sheets of colored paper. there are just so many, you could spend hours trying to decide which one is your favorite. the colors, they speak to me! the only issue that my little hobby presents is that i have to find something to do with all the paper. so the past year or so, inspired by the garland my personal attendants made me for our wedding, i’ve been making paper garlands for our apartment door. it’s a craft that makes me feel pretty accomplished, yet isn’t complicated at all. i don’t do complicated crafts. i enjoy my sanity.

garland 2

garland 3

the paper i had on hand was st. patrick’s day/spring-themed, some green, pale yellow, and gorgeous gold glitter. which is perfect and timely for this weekend! and this garland is really easy. i’ve seen projects on martha stewart or in real simple that call for sewing the paper circles onto a thread…that would be a terrible solution for me, as i have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine that is currently staying in the hate zone, due to some difficulty i had in (not) completing our christmas stockings.

with this one, all you have to do is punch out large circles from a sheet of craft paper, the thicker the better, and pair them up. (i got my 2-inch hole punch from michael’s.) then you take your precious twine and lay it out in between the circles and just go to town with your hot glue gun, gluing the twine down onto one circle, then laying the second circle on top to create a sandwich. i varied the pattern of the circle colors to get a nice variation throughout the garland.

garland 6

garland 5

garland 7

garland 8

then, hang it on your door, or wall, or wherever you feel like hanging a garland. i found that mine looked funny when i tried to zigzag it across my door like my fall garland, so i tried just hanging it across in rows, which felt a lot better to me. but do what you want! and hopefully if you decide to take photos of your garland like a crazy person in your apartment hallway, you have better lighting than i did….yikes.

garland 9

garland 10

i had one extra row of garland, so i decided to throw it on our hutch for a little indoor festivity. i like it there so much, i think i might leave it past st. patrick’s day into the summer. it’s also giving me ideas for a color scheme for our future living room…

now, i have to confess that it’s not completely for craft’s sake that i do this. i tend to walk to the wrong floor about once a week, so it’s helpful for me to have a trigger that helps me recognize my own door. (i really don’t have that much going on in my life right now, so i am a little concerned as to what i’m going to be like when i’m busy for real.)

let me know if anyone else has some fun spring decorating ideas, i’m feeling in the mood for some fun stuff around the apartment!

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