these days.

let’s bring these back in to the mix, shall we? do you guys remember when i was good at keeping to a schedule and did one of these every.single.week? i vaguely remember that. it seems like a lifetime ago. pretty sure i wasn’t pregnant back when that was happening. my, how life changes.

i’m sure there are a few (dozen) of you who are thinking to yourselves, “great this entire update is going to be about baby and pregnancy stuff. gross/boring/dumb/please stop.” i promise that it will be no more than half full of that stuff, but what can i say, this is my life right now. it kind of consumes me, and if i can prepare any of you for that journey by sharing in my experience, then i’m happy.

i can’t wait for the weekend to start either. i’m registering for baby things tomorrow with my mom (a latte at the target starbucks is on the docket for sure), and we might even be able to work in the garden if we get lucky. i’d even take rain so that i can cozy up and plan out how/what i’m going to plant in the backyard when the ground thaws. i’m in one of those moods where anything sounds good to me. i hope your weekends are just as wonderful as i’m imagining mine will be.


these days i’m…

eating strawberries like they’re going out of style. they went on sale at the grocery store here last week and i may have bought and eaten three packages in that time. i can’t help it, they speak to my soul.

trying to be calm about all the unknowns coming up in the next year. i personally think i’ve done a good job so far, but every so often, i start to think about all the things that we have left to do/don’t know about yet/can’t possibly begin to plan for and i get a little hyperventilate-y. DO YOU GUYS EVEN REALIZE WHAT LOOKING FOR DAYCARE IS LIKE?  it’s terrible, is what it is. not to mention trying to figure what my work life is going to look like. wait, what was i talking about? trying to be calm? yes, that is happening. you be the judge as to how that’s going.

reading absolutely nothing. well that’s not true. i’ve been reading back issues of magazines on the bus like it’s my job, but no actual book reading is happening as of late. mostly because i can’t figure out what to read next. i’ve read the divergent series, but i’m in the mood for some really good fiction to try out. any suggestions?

wearing all the most comfortable clothes i own. give me all the stretchy clothes i say! i can already tell that in a matter of weeks, i’m not going to ever want to put on pants, and i’m just leaning right into that instinct. i did make myself put on jeans with a belly band today, and immediately pouted when i got to work because i wasn’t wearing leggings. [shameless plug: now that i have an actual bump, and it’s pretty obviously due to a baby, i’m posting a lot more bump outfit photos on my instagram, so if you’re not already, you should go follow me on there.]

praying for a lot of people. Mister Man and i decided during lent to pray for one person or couple of people that we feel could use some extra love in addition to our regular nightly prayer. it’s been such a wonderful practice for us, and i would love to keep doing it after lent is over. it makes us think about our friends and our community of people around us a little harder than we might normally, and it really helps us be grateful for everyone who’s been put in our path.

drinking ALL THE WATER, all the time. this is a bad combination with my pregnant bladder, but i’m trying to stay hydrated and non-puffy (i can already sense that my rings might not like my fingers for all that much longer). and also i’m craving it? can one crave water?

loving green everything. now that the snow is gone, i am like a little kid on christmas waiting for all the green to appear outside. we don’t take our springs for granted here in the tundra i tell you! there isn’t much growing here right now, but i’m crossing my fingers that i’m going to see the tops of the bulbs i planted last fall start to make their way out of the ground. i have the opposite of a green thumb, so even though i’m pretty sure i did everything right, i have my doubts that they are actually going to grow.

also loving baking again! last week i got the itch to make cookies, and i did and it was so lovely. i hadn’t baked anything since i’d gotten pregnant, partly due to lack of energy, partly due to the fact that i can’t taste the batter with the raw eggs, and it’s not as fun to bake something when you haven’t been able to taste it first. mixing that batter and putting those cookies in the oven made me feel so “normal” again, just like myself.

working on planning the nursery for baby z. in fact, Mister Man and i have a hot date at the home depot tonight to look for closet doors, wall trim and paint colors. because getting the nursery ready means getting the basement bedroom/office finished up first so we can move the guest bed in there. our basement is a mess right now with changing table/carseat/crib box taking up space everywhere, but until we finish the office AND paint the nursery, we can’t move anything new into the baby’s room. so we are moving full steam ahead while i can still help with some of it. i’ll be doing most of the prep work since we can’t ventilate the room properly for me to be able to paint safely. darn.


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the winter that would not end.

in light of the horrible events that took place yesterday in boston, i wanted to wait a day to post my completely unnecessary complaints about the weather. one day later, is it any less bad that i complain about this? probably not, but sometimes (and this is just my opinion), the fluff of our everyday lives is the only thing that keeps us from staying down in that pit of despair we fall into after we see and cannot comprehend the actions of evil people. take from it what you will. and don’t stop your prayers. 

here are some good links for you if you need a pick-me-up about it all:


oh minnesota winter. i try so hard to love you. i defend you when people talk trash. i actively participate in outdoor events in january. i write entire blog posts about how to have fun in the tundra. and you aren’t usually so bad, you hardly ever outstay your welcome. but lately you’ve been clingy and you really can’t take a hint. i need you to just go away for a while. we all do.

you see, it’s april now. and even though us minnesotans are made of pretty hardy stuff, even we can’t stomach the thought of snow in the second half of april. there are sports to be played, boats to be ridden, walks to be taken, and none of that can happen if you don’t get the hell out. well, scratch that, it actually can all happen, but it’s infinitely less fun when you’re around. my face stays permanently like this:

for example. Mister Man and i love baseball. minnesota twins baseball to be exact. and those minnesota twins have an outdoor stadium now. and we had tickets for last saturday’s game that we were not going to let go to waste. so we put on our parkas and hats and scarves and froze our little tushies off on those seats. (the twinkies lost, so you know, insult to injury and stuff).

the next morning we woke up to go to church and were greeted with more snow that had a nice icy feel to it. this prompted us to have a nice long conversation on our walk to the cathedral about moving to des moines, iowa, and we came up with the following reasons why we think it would be a good idea:

  • it’s warmer.
  • there is no snow there right now.
  • cooney’s bar with their hot sauce popcorn is there.
  • steph and alex are there (which is the top good thing).
  • lower cost of living.
  • i could totally find a job at one of the many insurance companies there.
  • it’s warmer and not snowing there.

that is what this endless winter is doing to us. we are having SERIOUS conversations about the PROS of moving to IOWA. we can’t do this anymore. the only thing i will say for this weather is that it gives you an excuse to stop at the bodega after church and purchase ingredients to create amazingly delicious nacho concoctions. we call ours “snowy-day-in-april survival nachos”. they were so good that trisha may have made a healthier version herself….not my fault!

snowy day in april survival nachos

  • tortilla chips
  • cheese (obviously)
  • banana peppers
  • chili from a can
  • green olives
  • salsa

make one layer of these babies with all the ingredients except the salsa. then add another layer. put in the microwave until the cheese is melted. top with salsa. nom them down with your main squeeze while saying, “i love you, we’re such fatties”.

it’s probably going to snow again tomorrow, so we’ll be looking for houses in the greater des moines area and crying into our parkas. what are your plans for this week? go outside for us please.


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i need some springtime.

okay, it snowed here this week. twice. so even though spring is 5 days away, it’s not feeling very springy around here. which is why i decided to spruce up our apartment with a cheery little paper circle garland (guirnalda de papel por mi ceci en uruguay!).

garland 1

garland 4

one of my guilty pleasures is going to paper or craft stores and picking up pretty sheets of colored paper. there are just so many, you could spend hours trying to decide which one is your favorite. the colors, they speak to me! the only issue that my little hobby presents is that i have to find something to do with all the paper. so the past year or so, inspired by the garland my personal attendants made me for our wedding, i’ve been making paper garlands for our apartment door. it’s a craft that makes me feel pretty accomplished, yet isn’t complicated at all. i don’t do complicated crafts. i enjoy my sanity.

garland 2

garland 3

the paper i had on hand was st. patrick’s day/spring-themed, some green, pale yellow, and gorgeous gold glitter. which is perfect and timely for this weekend! and this garland is really easy. i’ve seen projects on martha stewart or in real simple that call for sewing the paper circles onto a thread…that would be a terrible solution for me, as i have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine that is currently staying in the hate zone, due to some difficulty i had in (not) completing our christmas stockings.

with this one, all you have to do is punch out large circles from a sheet of craft paper, the thicker the better, and pair them up. (i got my 2-inch hole punch from michael’s.) then you take your precious twine and lay it out in between the circles and just go to town with your hot glue gun, gluing the twine down onto one circle, then laying the second circle on top to create a sandwich. i varied the pattern of the circle colors to get a nice variation throughout the garland.

garland 6

garland 5

garland 7

garland 8

then, hang it on your door, or wall, or wherever you feel like hanging a garland. i found that mine looked funny when i tried to zigzag it across my door like my fall garland, so i tried just hanging it across in rows, which felt a lot better to me. but do what you want! and hopefully if you decide to take photos of your garland like a crazy person in your apartment hallway, you have better lighting than i did….yikes.

garland 9

garland 10

i had one extra row of garland, so i decided to throw it on our hutch for a little indoor festivity. i like it there so much, i think i might leave it past st. patrick’s day into the summer. it’s also giving me ideas for a color scheme for our future living room…

now, i have to confess that it’s not completely for craft’s sake that i do this. i tend to walk to the wrong floor about once a week, so it’s helpful for me to have a trigger that helps me recognize my own door. (i really don’t have that much going on in my life right now, so i am a little concerned as to what i’m going to be like when i’m busy for real.)

let me know if anyone else has some fun spring decorating ideas, i’m feeling in the mood for some fun stuff around the apartment!

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