it’s a day for napping.

at least, that’s what i think. amelia has other ideas. we are trying to get her to sleep in her crib, since we will be in florida for vacation in a couple weeks, and she is going to have to adjust if any of us want our sanity. unfortunately for me, that means a long day of crying and a cranky baby while she learns how to get comfortable in the crib instead of her rock n play (oh if only she never had to outgrow that thing!). pray for us. and that i have good news to update on tomorrow!

so, because it’s snowing like crazy today (why, tundra, why!?!) and my energy level is at a 2 no matter how much coffee i drink, here is the new marcel the shell video for you. if you haven’t seen marcel yet, 1) what is wrong with you and 2) go watch all three videos immediately. these videos always put a smile on my face and make the crying baby sound a little less loud, and the snow feel a little less cold.

wherever you are, and however your day is going, i hope you get to drink a hot cup of coffee and snuggle up somewhere cozy.

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those winter blues.

i’ve been trying to figure out why i haven’t had any desire to reflect or write or be the least bit insightful, especially when i have so much to reflect on at this moment in time. and it occurred to me as i was waiting for the bus this morning that it was the end of march and yet i was bundled up as if it were the middle of december. which got me thinking: maybe it’s the weather.

i realize that sounds so cliché and a little ridiculous. so the crappy weather has been making it impossible for me to do relatively easy tasks that involve staying inside? you’d think that it would be easier for me to sit on the couch or at my desk to write or take photos in the house when it’s disgusting out. but it does something to me. it takes the wind right out of my sails, and renders me incapable of doing anything other than just surviving.

i’ve never had a problem with my moods or my brain chemistry before. you can pretty much count on me always being positive (a bit annoyingly so, maybe), with some salty moods here or there. i’m a constant. so these past few months have thrown me off my game quite a bit. i told a friend tonight that i’ve felt “trapped”, like i couldn’t escape from the trap winter had set for me. and that’s a terrible feeling.

i haven’t figured out the best way for myself to handle this yet. i don’t know if it’s best to just roll with it, to let that trapped feeling run its course, or if i need to find a way to jumpstart myself out of this rut instead. if i don’t do anything about it, it means i don’t do anything at all. no writing, no socializing, no photos. and that can be fine, breaks are good. but it feels like i’m missing something. but i can’t think of what will get me out of it. i’m out of ideas here, and welcome any you may have.

what i do know is that the clouds are starting to lift. i woke up this morning with just the tiniest feeling that i should write something, anything down. it’s still freezing cold here, but it’s also light when i get home from work. i feel like cooking up some of my grandpa’s soup recipes. and i have plans to get out and see people. so no promises as to how often i’ll be back, but it’s bound to be more often than the past few months. hopefully that’s good news for most of you.

and may i say thank you for sticking around while my funk works itself out. i promise that there will be belly bump stories, recipes and (eventually) baby photos as a reward. if you’re into that sort of thing of course. 

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something other than the weather.

i had a nice post composed in my head about how nice it was to finally be able to sleep with the windows open. because that’s really a sweet spot time here in minnesota. between snow and murderous humidity, there is a small sliver of the year where we can open all the windows and breathe in crisp air. and it is glorious.

but since it snowed today and it’s may and yadda yadda how many times can i talk about the freaking weather on this blog(?), here’s what we’ve been up to this week so far.


i got my hairs did:

went from grown-out highlights circa the last time i dyed it (two weeks before my wedding) to dark reddish/auburn ombre. you’ll be able to see it better in future photos, but you get the gist here, right? gosh do i like getting my hair done. it makes me feel all special and pampered. also, do you like my bathroom selfie? thanks. the lighting is much better in there.


my friend brought me a mini baby orchid:

i have the most lovely friend who is also my neighbor and her fiance happens to be pretty knowledgable in the orchid area. and because they are so thoughtful i am now the proud owner of a baby orchid as well as my big orchid and plastic orchid. how i’ve managed to keep the real one alive so long is a mystery to me too, but i have high hopes for the new one.


i did a mountain of laundry:

holy cow did we have a lot of laundry (and yes that’s a bra). Mister Man did some, and i did the rest, and it is never-ending! i don’t know how two people can have so much laundry. or maybe it just seems like a lot because i have to walk about a half-mile from our apartment to the laundry room….i can make a good case for not working out on laundry day, let me tell you.


i had popcorn for dinner:

i ate an entire bowl. normally there are leftovers. what the hell? i can’t even blame it on the wine because i only had one glass, so i think i’ll blame it on the pms. i’m thinking about making wednesday night popcorn every week, even when the husband is in town. it’s a tradition i can get behind.



i also failed to turn in my translation homework on time (still haven’t), my husband went on a business trip, and i binge-watched “arrested development” on netflix in preparation for the new season coming up in may. it’s been a fabulous week so far. and surprisingly fast, especially considering that on tuesday i was convinced it was wednesday until about 2:30 in the afternoon. so thank goodness for that!

(ed: i feel like the tone of this post is shaky at best…i was going for happy and carefree, but really feel like it sunk to barely hanging on to my sanity by a thread. it really went downhill didn’t it? i’m trying! it snowed today, i don’t have a lot left in me!)


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the winter that would not end.

in light of the horrible events that took place yesterday in boston, i wanted to wait a day to post my completely unnecessary complaints about the weather. one day later, is it any less bad that i complain about this? probably not, but sometimes (and this is just my opinion), the fluff of our everyday lives is the only thing that keeps us from staying down in that pit of despair we fall into after we see and cannot comprehend the actions of evil people. take from it what you will. and don’t stop your prayers. 

here are some good links for you if you need a pick-me-up about it all:


oh minnesota winter. i try so hard to love you. i defend you when people talk trash. i actively participate in outdoor events in january. i write entire blog posts about how to have fun in the tundra. and you aren’t usually so bad, you hardly ever outstay your welcome. but lately you’ve been clingy and you really can’t take a hint. i need you to just go away for a while. we all do.

you see, it’s april now. and even though us minnesotans are made of pretty hardy stuff, even we can’t stomach the thought of snow in the second half of april. there are sports to be played, boats to be ridden, walks to be taken, and none of that can happen if you don’t get the hell out. well, scratch that, it actually can all happen, but it’s infinitely less fun when you’re around. my face stays permanently like this:

for example. Mister Man and i love baseball. minnesota twins baseball to be exact. and those minnesota twins have an outdoor stadium now. and we had tickets for last saturday’s game that we were not going to let go to waste. so we put on our parkas and hats and scarves and froze our little tushies off on those seats. (the twinkies lost, so you know, insult to injury and stuff).

the next morning we woke up to go to church and were greeted with more snow that had a nice icy feel to it. this prompted us to have a nice long conversation on our walk to the cathedral about moving to des moines, iowa, and we came up with the following reasons why we think it would be a good idea:

  • it’s warmer.
  • there is no snow there right now.
  • cooney’s bar with their hot sauce popcorn is there.
  • steph and alex are there (which is the top good thing).
  • lower cost of living.
  • i could totally find a job at one of the many insurance companies there.
  • it’s warmer and not snowing there.

that is what this endless winter is doing to us. we are having SERIOUS conversations about the PROS of moving to IOWA. we can’t do this anymore. the only thing i will say for this weather is that it gives you an excuse to stop at the bodega after church and purchase ingredients to create amazingly delicious nacho concoctions. we call ours “snowy-day-in-april survival nachos”. they were so good that trisha may have made a healthier version herself….not my fault!

snowy day in april survival nachos

  • tortilla chips
  • cheese (obviously)
  • banana peppers
  • chili from a can
  • green olives
  • salsa

make one layer of these babies with all the ingredients except the salsa. then add another layer. put in the microwave until the cheese is melted. top with salsa. nom them down with your main squeeze while saying, “i love you, we’re such fatties”.

it’s probably going to snow again tomorrow, so we’ll be looking for houses in the greater des moines area and crying into our parkas. what are your plans for this week? go outside for us please.


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that time i tried to donate my engagement ring to the arts.

this is one of those stories that i will probably never live down. i’ve never told it on here, because i can’t quite believe that my husband hasn’t gotten to everyone in the world to make sure they know it. he’s actually pretty close to hitting that goal, so…valid point by me.

that said, i can’t really blame him for wanting to share my idiocy with everyone. this was a doozy.

it all started on a cold december night. my family has a tradition of going to dinner and a show every year for our christmas outing. we had just finished a delicious dinner at meritage in downtown st. paul (highly recommend), and had taken a few adorable photos in rice park before heading to the theater (theatre?), because Mister Man and i were fairly newly engaged and feeling lovey dovey.

finding our seats was uneventful, we all joked and yucked it up as we sat down to wait for rodgers’ and hammerstein’s “cinderella” to begin. because my ring was a new addition to my life, and i wasn’t totally used to having it on my hand all the time, i started to play with it, twisting it around my finger with my other hand, and sliding it up and down.

ringthe ring in question.

i must have gotten a little excited when the lights went down and flailed my hands a bit. (can you blame me? it’s a great musical, i totally know every single word. and i do tend towards the flail-y side of things.) i must have made just the right wrong motion with my hands, because as the theatre (theater?) darkened completely, i felt my beautiful engagement ring fly off my finger. to some unknown place in front of me. or behind me. or beside me. or possibly all the way to the stage. i had literally no idea which direction it had gone. and promptly broke into a cold-stress-sweat.

my very first thought was: “quick! stand up and yell fire! or stop the play! that way they’ll turn the lights on and we can have everyone help look for the ring!” my second, much more logical thought was: “don’t cry. maybe it’s in your lap. better tell Mister Man what happened and he can help.” i think that when i whispered to my fiance what i had just done, he thought i was telling a really unfunny joke at first. when he realized i wasn’t, he looked a little bit ill. *gulp*

we proceeded to spend the entirety of the first act feeling ourselves up and quietly trying to look around the floor to hopefully catch a glimpse of the sparkler. we had zero luck. the news had passed down the row to my whole family at this point, so my brother even tried shining his cell phone light around. it was most definitely not on the ground immediately surrounding us. i started to have a very physical reaction to the stress(sweating, shaking, giggling uncontrollably, feeling like i was going to pass out), and was counting down the seconds until intermission.

as soon as the lights came up, i jumped on the ladies in front of us and asked them to please not move, i had just thrown my engagement ring at them and i needed to find it. at least, i think i said please. i may have blacked out for a minute or three. and praise the Lord, and Heaven, and St. Anthony, and sweet baby Jesus, that ring was sitting smack dab underneath one of those ladies’ seats. i nearly cried when they handed it to me. i may have almost given one of them a hug but i feel like that would have made them uncomfortable. my family breathed a huge sigh of relief/started to laugh at how dumb i am. my now-husband did not think it was as funny and excused himself to, as he put it, “go throw up in the restroom.”

the moral of this story is: insure your engagement ring and don’t play with your jewelry if you’re a flailer.

the end.

clumsy flailer out!

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