these days.

happy saturday! i’m on day 6 of my sugar detox, and i have to tell you i’m really looking forward to it being over. i don’t think i got enough calories yesterday due to how busy i was at work, and so i got pretty cranky last night. i may have broken down and eaten popcorn (sorry kali), but am back on the wagon this morning.

overall the week has gone fine, and even though i haven’t noticed any huge improvements from how i was feeling prior to the detox, i know that my insides are doing better. i’m pretty sure the reason i felt like i had a hangover this morning was from the popcorn i ate, so obviously it’s doing something behind the scenes to improve me.

this weekend we will be working on the yard, celebrating my dear lo’s birthday, and enjoying a bonfire with friends. it’s starting to get really cold here in the tundra, so we need to enjoy the outdoors while we can! i can worry about getting the inside of the house set up when there is a foot of snow outside…

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these days i’m…

eating no sugar. (but dreaming of these cornish game hens that my dad made last week for family dinner…yum!)

planning my garden for next year (i’m planting bulbs people! and talking about full shade vs. full sun and what plants do better where!). but right now it entails cutting down all the old plants so they can grow back nicely next year, and oh my gosh it takes forever! i don’t know what i’d do with a bigger yard, i’m having enough trouble keeping up with my tiny one.

listening to britney’s new single. you can hate it if you want to (Mister Man certainly does), but i will never be embarrassed to listen to her stuff, lipsynched as it may be. it is so addicting!

wearing tights tights tights and also some tights. i’m getting really into patterned ones this year, they are so fun and make me feel a little rebellious, which is weird, because they’re tights.

praying for some big love from the man upstairs. i’m wanting a lot out of life right now, and i’m working to have the grace to accept His timing. see this post here for some more eloquent thoughts on this.

watching hocus pocus all month. actually i need to buy a copy first because neither amazon prime nor netflix lets you stream it. whoever finally realized the wide-reaching appeal of that movie and is now cashing in on the royalties, hats off to you for controlling its availability. target, here i come!

here are a couple fun articles for you if you’re as obsessed as i am:

drinking no alcohol. see sugar detox above. i can’t talk about it right now.

loving the fall colors. i know. heeeey cliche white girl, heeeeey. but to me that includes the light at this time of year. when the sun actually decides to show its face, everything is just gorgeous.

not loving that someone broke into my dear cousin’s apartment on monday. seriously?? that is not cool (although now we have one more excuse to have sleepovers at my place!)

working on a little project that i need to put some more thought into, but if it gets legs, it could be really exciting around here very soon. *vague mic drop*


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