these days with baby zee.

i’ll never take for granted reaching the milestone of 40 weeks. i know that there are so many women who would give anything to carry a baby at all, let alone for this long. it is a gift to be a vessel for these souls, and i will be thankful for that gift for as long as i live.

now, that’s not to say that i don’t want to meet my baby soon. i cannot wait to find out if it’s a boy or a girl, and i cannot wait to see what this little one’s personality will be once it’s here. i know that he or she will come out at just the right time, i just need to be patient while i wait. easier said than done, but i can do it!

40 weeks with baby zee


[40 weeks with Amelia on the left. 40 weeks with baby zee on the right.]

how far along: 40 weeks. gone is my due date (by 4 days). all that’s left is the waiting.

i’m feeling: so pregnant. so very pregnant. so ready to meet the baby. also very heavy.

update on stubborn baby’s position: baby is still head down. i’m still supposed to go to the hospital during early labor to make sure everything has stayed in place, but we’re past the worried phase for position.

total weight gain: i’m at 34 pounds total weight gain. over my prediction of 30 pounds, but i have been retaining a LOT more water this pregnancy than i did last time, so i think that might be the main culprit. i’ve also had much more of an appetite, but that is due to me being more active this pregnancy (with chasing after little miss) than last time, so that might be a wash.

baby zee’s size: baby is the size of a small pumpkin, about 7.5 pounds and 21 inches long. i’m about to push a pumpkin out of my hoohah people. again.

this week: we have everything we need for the baby, so we have just been planning what we can, and relaxing where we can, and being extra gentle with miss Amelia where we can.

maternity clothes: same dress and leggings almost everyday. because my brain hurts from trying to think of outfits that fit me.

sleep: oh sleep. i’m looking forward to seeing you again in about 6-9 months.

best moment this week: my due date arriving i suppose.

movement: still wiggling around in there, but being the size of a pumpkin, there is not a lot of room anymore. also having a lot of braxton-hicks that are getting stronger. i even had about two hours of false labor the other night, and the only reason i knew it was false was because the contractions stayed in the front.

food cravings: not really anything special. by the time i make anything, i’m too tired to care what it is.

food aversions: getting a little less hungry these days because i’ve run out of room.

belly button in or out: yep it’s out. or nonexistent. whichever freaks you out less.

looking forward to: giving birth. is that weird that i look forward to that?

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due date eve.

*i obviously started writing this post last night. obviously still no baby.  

you know how christmas eve is so exciting because you know that when you wake up, it’s christmas morning? and christmas morning means family, presents, bloody marys (if you’re like my family), and sitting by the fire in your cozy pajamas? well, due date eve is a lot like that, but with one little twist: you have NO IDEA when the baby is going to show up. could be tonight. could be tomorrow. could be in ten days.

so it’s awesome, because it’s great that you made it to d-day. but then you have this whole unknown stretch of time in front of you, just made for waiting. you can’t really make plans, but also you should probably try and do something other than wait around for baby. so in the spirit of staying busy, here is a brain dump of what i’ve been up to in the last few weeks of waiting, and what’s going to be happening around here until baby zee decides to show up!40 weeks with baby zee

  • cooking all the freezer meals. like, a lot of them. our freezer is what you would call, stocked up. when i was pregnant with Amelia, i did not cook even one thing to put in the freezer. and that was fine. we got a lot of food cooked for us, and we also had the luxury of choosing not to eat dinner until 8pm, when she went down for her evening catnap. this time around, we have a 2 year old who DOES need to eat a healthy, balanced dinner at 6pm every night. so pre-made meals will be a necessity while we find our new normal. here’s a sampling of what i’ve cooked up: the pioneer woman’s chicken spaghetti, enchiladas, enchilada casserole, mini pizza quinoa bites, chicken pot pie, tortellini soup, and white chicken chili, along with some gluten-free pumpkin muffins and homemade yogurt popsicles for easy snacks for Amelia. it’s amazing what you can get done during naptime with a plan and a rotisserie chicken, i tell ya.
  • making fun lunches for miss Amelia. i don’t know what came over me, but i decided due date week would be the perfect time to become pinterest mom. and then i made these for lunch:


who even am i anymore??

  • sitting on an exercise ball. trying to make sure this baby stays head down, and maybe try to trick it to come out? picture me rolling around on this ball, with my shirt pulled up over my belly (because it’s less restrictive and more comfortable), looking like a goon. this is my new normal.
  • taking all the baths. i feel very heavy these days. and with that, comes a lot of aches and pains. and i happen to have an amazing husband who forces me into the bathtub as often as i can take one…sometimes he even brings me a ginger beer and some popcorn to go with it. i usually throw in some epsom salts mixed with a few drops of peace and calming essential oil to really up the muscle relaxing factor. i’m soaking up this time while i can.
  • watching all the t.v. mostly in the form of “the voice”, “this is us”, and “grey’s anatomy” (i can’t quit that show!). i mean, i know i won’t have as much t.v. watching time as i did last time i nursed a baby, but there will still be lots of time doing nothing in the evenings, and i need to know which shows to catch up on during those times, right? also, i’m just too tired at night to do anything else by veg out if i’m being honest.
  • twiddling my thumbs. because what else do you do when you’re about to be overdue?

amelia all wrapped up

  • spending quality time with my firstborn. i have been trying to give Amelia as much attention as my energy allows while she is still the only child. in the past few days, i’ve started to notice that she is more clingy and needing her mama than she normally tends to be. this is a child who typically refuses to cuddle or hug because she’s too busy doing other stuff. but lately, she’s been wanting more songs and more attention and even hugs. and i’m not complaining, because it’s awesome, but i know it’s happening because she subconsciously senses that things are about to change in a big way around here. she will still get tons of attention and love when baby arrives, and i have no fears about having “enough” love to go around, but i want to make sure she can feel that from me too.

40 weeks with baby zee

any other tips for me as i try to retain my sanity over the next who knows how many days? please share them in the comments. PLEASE.

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these days with baby zee.

alas, this blog has become solely a place for me to update you guys on my pregnancy. i swear, i have the best of intentions every week to write posts (on my grandpa, on my daughter turning two, on cooking, on baby stuff that is a bit more humorous than these updates, etc.), and then all of a sudden, another week is gone and i have no posts to show for it.

to those of you who have stuck around, i very much appreciate it. i will eventually figure out how to balance my time with this fuller life of mine. in the meantime, i stand in awe of those who do it so easily, and try to take notes.

as each week passes, i get more and more excited to meet baby zee. every time i see a little squishy newborn, i think, “i get to have one of those soon!”. i’m trying to keep the sleep deprivation and diaper changes and nonstop feeding out of my head so i can focus on the squishiness of the babies. now, please enjoy these photos of my giant belly and my (hopefully) light-hearted take on what it means to be very pregnant.

34 weeks pregnant

how far along: 34 weeks. (or 42 if you ask anyone who has given me a sideways glance in the last week for some reason.)

i’m feeling: still feeling great. i’m thinking my discomfort is just waiting to kick in until the last month or so? because i honestly feel better than i should be allowed to feel at this many weeks pregnant. but i am definitely not complaining about it, i’m basically on cloud nine.

ALSO, regarding my little transverse baby: you guys must have some powerful mojo and you must have all sent it my way at once, because after doing lots of inversions and stretching, and also visiting a chiropractor who is well-versed in straightening the pelvises of pregnant ladies out, i was informed at my appointment that my doctor felt baby zee’s head DOWN in my lower belly. all the praise hands and thumbs up and toasts with the la croix!!! this takes so much stress off of me, you have no idea. no more worrying about having to get the baby turned manually (ouch!) or the potential of a c-section (at least for this reason). i’ll keep going to the chiropractor once a week until i have the baby, just to make sure everything stays in line, and i’ll keep doing inversions and posture improvement, but at least i know all is good.(if anyone wants more details on turning a transverse baby, i’m happy to share!)

total weight gain: 23 pounds. alright, looks like i’m slowing down a bit now. to be expected when this baby is taking up all the space where my food used to go!

baby zee’s size: this week, baby is the size of a cantaloupe, about 4 3/4 lbs. and 18 inches long. really, when we get to the melon and pumpkin comparisons, i can’t help but be horrified by the concept.

this week: (anyone notice i left this blank by accident last update? pregnancy brain is too real.) this week, i am starting to feel the need to nest a little bit. i’m adding one meal a week to our meal planning/grocery list to cook for the freezer, i’m planning out weird little organization projects for myself, and starting to get serious about getting the kids room ready. i didn’t really nest last time, so this is kind of fun for me!

maternity clothes: they’re just never big enough at the end. and i really, really, really do not want to buy anything else. so dresses and the only three shirts that fit it is!

sleep: it’s just not really…happening anymore. i’m up every hour either to go to the bathroom or to turn to a different side. poor Mister Man, i’m guessing he’s not getting great sleep either.

best moment this week: finding out baby was head down! so much happy dancing going on!

movement: lots and lots! baby likes to remind me that he or she is in there and is going to come out ACTIVE.

food cravings: does it count as a real craving if i have to convince myself that i crave ice cream?

food aversions: nope, but that appetite is slowly leaving me.

belly button in or out: i should honestly just post a picture of it so you guys can see how ridiculous my belly is.

looking forward to: meeting this baby! even though i still have six weeks to go…

34 weeks pregnant

[outtake/work selfie timer probs]

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these days with baby zee.

oh gosh. so i’m a few days late with this update (i’m sure you all noticed and were very very concerned about it), and i feel like it’s just a metaphor for my life right now. “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” is basically my life motto right now, if that gives you any inkling as far as how together i’m keeping it.

so, turns out the third trimester goes three times as fast with your second child. which is all great and good when it comes to getting through the discomfort quick, but not so great when it comes to everything else. there are text messages in my phone from a month ago that i haven’t responded to. so to everyone who belongs to those messages: I’M SORRY AND I’M STILL HERE AND I STILL LOVE YOU I SWEAR. we have yet to do anything to update the kids’ room, although i think all we have left to buy is a dresser to use for a changing table. so that’s something?

we are down to (less than) two months to go until we meet this new babe, and honestly, after realizing how little babies need from the first time around, other than eventually getting the room ready, and washing bottles and a few gender neutral clothes, i actually feel pretty ready? question mark? but for real, this time just feels different, like i have a handle on at least the basics of having a baby, so i know that everything will fall into place when it needs to. and i can’t wait!

32 weeks with baby zee

how far along: 32 weeks. holy moly.

i’m feeling: honestly, i still feel pretty awesome. a few aches here and there, sleep could be better (but couldn’t it always?), but overall, i am honestly feeling downright great. i am feeling a bit stressed out since my last appointment, because i found out that the baby is transverse, which just means that it’s sitting sideways in my belly, with the head on my left and the booty on my right. this is not ideal for a couple reasons; one is that now that the baby is getting bigger very quickly, there is not as much room for it to move into the right position…it should have done that by now. and two is that unless the baby moves before the birth, or during labor (which it could since this is my second baby and i’ve had a successful prior birth), transverse position means a c-section. and that would be a bummer.

so i’ve been instructed by my doctor to visit a chiropractor who is experienced in the webster technique (a known and proven technique for opening the pelvic ligaments so there is enough room for baby to turn), and to do the exercises from spinning babies. i’ve been doing the exercises and just got a referral for a chiropractor, so i’m hoping that in the next two weeks, ideally by my 34-week appointment, baby will have turned head down and all will be well. say a couple prayers and also if you have any awesome stories about turning babies late in pregnancy, send them my way please!

total weight gain: 22 pounds. last month i was at 18, so i’m still at a steady one pound a week gain. could i be any more cliche? seriously, i could not BE a more stereotypically pregnant person. as always, please remember my thoughts on pregnancy weight gain, and hold them close to your heart, because it’s important.

baby zee’s size: this week, baby is the size of a jicama, about 3 lbs. and 16 inches long. really hoping that it’s not too long to flip itself into the right position SOON.

this week: 

maternity clothes: you know it! haven’t picked out my new pjs yet, but i’m really excited for that particular purchase. i’m also starting to think ahead to post-baby. one thing i never thought about last time was how different you have to dress post-baby and while nursing. so i’m tentatively thinking about what clothes to have out and ready to go.

sleep: not great, not gonna lie. it’s hot here, and i’m just big enough to be uncomfortable in most positions. but i must be used to sleep deprivation now, so it doesn’t even bother me.

best moment this week: actually last week was too long ago, so i don’t remember anything that happened. but today, as we were driving in the car together, Amelia and i had the best chat about the baby coming. she informed me that she was excited for the baby to come out so she could hold it and change its diapers, and that she was going to share her toys with the baby and take walks with it. so now i’m basically a puddle and i cannot wait until they meet. i may not be the type to cry when i birth a child, but i am certain that i’ll be a sobbing mess when my children meet for the first time.

movement: yes. it’s starting to slow down a bit, probably because the baby is confused about all the weird exercises i’m doing to try and flip it head down. but still lots of movement all through the day. i also think that as the baby rotates, i will start to feel it less, because the movements will be more internal than they have been with the position it’s in.

food cravings: nope, the fact that i still have an appetite is amazing.

food aversions: nope, the fact that i still have an appetite is amazing.

belly button in or out: hahahaha.

looking forward to: enjoying these last few weeks as a family of three. getting everything set up as the nesting kicks in (it’ll kick in, won’t it?). basically just enjoying the end of this very fast pregnancy. i know not everyone gets to experience what i’m experiencing, and i want all of you to know that i do not take any of this for granted, not one single second.

32 weeks with baby zee

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these days with baby zee.

well hello there!

as i write this little update, i am having the most overwhelming feeling of “time flies when you’re having fun”. or in my case, when you’re pregnant with your second child. as of this week, i’m already in the third trimester. as in, there are only 12 weeks left in this pregnancy. as in, i should probably start doing some kind of (any kind of) preparation for this baby to get here.

i mean, i wasn’t the model of an adorable, nesting mother the first time around (more of an ice cream eating, resting on the couch mother), but we still managed to get the nursery painted and equipment assembled before baby’s arrival. cross your fingers we get there this time around too!

28 weeks with baby number 2
[not the MOST flattering belly photo i’ve ever taken, but there it is. i think i’m running about 2-3 weeks ahead of last time, size-wise.]

how far along: 28 weeks. how did the third trimester get here so fast?!?

i’m feeling: still pretty good. still a bit sore. definitely noticing when i have a full day of activity. for example, on monday, we had a morning park playdate, went grocery shopping, made lunch, and then during naptime i harvested the garden, washed the veggies, prepped dinner, and then i finished cooking dinner and did the dishes while Mister Man got Amelia ready for bed. by 9:30pm, i was done for, and i also woke up kind of sore this morning. so i might need to make time to get off my feet more often for the next 12 weeks. other than that, i’m all good!

total weight gain: 18 pounds. last month i was at 14, so it looks like i’m at a steady one pound a week gain. just a note to those of you who may be going through pregnancy and struggling with accepting weight gain, or those of you who may be nervous to get pregnant for that reason. i do tend to be more relaxed than most about accepting the higher numbers on the scale, because for me it is all about the health and growth of that baby. but i don’t want anyone to think that it isn’t normal to struggle a little bit with seeing that number go up each month. even me, who is in awe of my body and all it’s doing, gets a little uncomfortable as the number gest closer to 20. today was one of those uncomfortable days. but i want you to know that you don’t have to know how much you’re gaining if you don’t think you can handle it…just tell your doctor to let you know if it’s normal each appointment, and be done. my doctor made me feel better today by telling me my weight gain and blood pressure were “perfect”. and how often are we able to hear that our weight gain is perfect? never. except when we’re growing babies. so for any of you struggling, know that you’re normal, but always remind yourself that what you’re doing is more amazing than any number on a scale.

baby zee’s size: this week, baby is the size of an eggplant, about 2.25 lbs. and 14.8 inches long (except based on how jabby this baby is, it might be longer).

this week: it’s been hot as all get out here, so i’ve been trying to take it easier. i’ve also realized that both Mister Man and Amelia’s birthdays are just a few weeks away, so i started planning out both of those this week. all i know is that it’s definitely going to be low-key this year.

maternity clothes: i’m living in dresses. i may also need to invest in some stretchy shorts for the remainder of summer, because it’s been so hot! i’m starting to think about buying a new cute pair of pjs for the hospital too…almost too much fun to think about, right?

sleep: a little meh, but i can’t complain. my biggest wakeup these days is an early morning bathroom run, or if Amelia unluckily stirs and yells at us from our room.

best moment this week: Amelia and i have been having so much fun this week. she is really turning into such a special little girl, with so much personality (follow along on snapchat if you don’t believe me: hooleywithaz). i love hanging out with her. she has the best ideas, is so loving to everyone around her, and is always looking to play play play. it’s such a great reminder for me to have. so nothing super special happened, it was just a good week.

movement: as i tweeted last week, i now refer to the baby as “jabby” or “jabs”. because whoa are they all knees and elbows up in my grill. there are times where i actually have to stop what i’m doing because of the gymnastics happening inside my belly. it’s different from how active Amelia was (and believe me she never stopped moving), because this one seems to be occupying different space inside me than she did. each one is new, that is no joke.

food cravings: not a lot in the way of cravings persay, unless you guys want me to repeat how often i eat ice cream. which is a lot. (oh, p.s., i passed my 3-hour glucose test…again. might just have to go straight to that one if i have another baby.) i am getting really into canning ALL OF THE THINGS in the garden, so maybe that’s my way of nesting?

food aversions: still getting really full, really fast, mostly at the end of the day. so i try to eat big lunches and a couple protein-filled snacks throughout the day.

belly button in or out: what even is a belly button anymore guys?

looking forward to: getting the kids’ (ah!) bedroom set up to include the baby’s crib and a new dresser/changing table so we have more room for clothes. it’s such a weird thing to know there will be two of them in there eventually. baby will be sleeping in our room for a while, but their stuff being in there with Amelia is going to make it feel real. i’m so excited for them to share a room, even though i’m sure there will be challenges that come along with it.

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